Buying school supplies can get expensive for any family. But for children who do not even have a bed of their own to sleep in, getting new school supplies is usually not even a possibility. That is where FLOCK comes in.

FLOCK’s scholarship program focuses on providing items to students who are identified as homeless through the McKinney-Vento Act. Through this program, we provide a variety of necessary items for homeless children. These items include, but are not limited to: clothes, shoes, sports gear, graphing calculators, laptops and so much more.

McKinney Vento is the no child left behind act that guarantees that even if you don’t have a permanent home or address, you have the right to attend public school. These students are protected and confidential by the federal government. We work hand in hand with the public school district liaison and school counselors to have the students fill out applications for the things they need and want 4 times a year, once a quarter. Here are a few students we have just recently scholarshipped:

  • A Sophomore at Fullerton High School (who is currently living in a motel) football cleats so he can pursue his dream of playing football and receive a college scholarship.
  • A senior at Troy High School (currently living in a motel) a laptop so that she is able to do her essays and research projects.
  • A junior at Sonora High School (currently living in a motel) tennis shoes, shirts, and a jacket because his only pair of shoes’ soles ripped off.
  • A senior at La Habra High School, an eye exam and eyeglasses. He really needed glasses as he could barely see and is extremely nearsighted.

FLOCK scholarships sports equipment, eyeglasses, laptops, college application fees, clothing, shoes, food and beyond. The last thing a child should have to worry about is where they are going to sleep tonight. This worry causes stress and an unsafe environment. Flock wants to provide these students with necessities they may need to better their studies at school and their home life.

It is FLOCK’s hope that these scholarships can provide a bit of comfort to these children who are already facing so much. If you would like to support our scholarship program, please visit our donations page or contact FLOCK today.


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